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Update | Third Date was acquired in early 2021. If you need branding or an agency partner, please reach out & we’d be happy to recommend some really great folks. 

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We’re an LA-based branding studio that helps cool,
conscious businesses become cool, conscious brands.

First dates are all about appearances. And sadly, that’s often where other branding studios stop. But we know the second date is about asking the harder questions, about truly understanding your business. Where are you headed? What are you building? What are the richest opportunities in the space? So, with the Third Date, that’s where the right language comes together with the right design. And yeah, we’re pretty sure sparks will fly.

Our Founders

Over the past thirteen years, our Founders and Creative Directors, Brittany & Todd Grinham, have ideated and developed global creative campaigns for companies like Netflix, Apple, Target, and Airbnb. Among other speaking engagements, they've guest lectured at the Harvard Graduate School of Design on ways to bake strong brand messaging into innovative ideas. Brittany & Todd created Third Date to help new companies make the world better (not worse) and develop the tools to stand effortlessly above the noise.

© Third Date Branding Co. 2021


Brand Identity

Naming  •  Logo  •  Competitive Audit
Positioning  •  Brand Look & Feel
Brand Voice Guidelines  •  Launch Marketing Campaign  •  Launch Social Toolkit


Campaign Imagery  •  Print & Outdoor
Packaging • Web Design  •  Social Media  Apparel  •  Posters  •  Business Cards
Direct Mail •  Brochures  


Language Toolkit •  Taglines  •  Headlines   Manifesto  •  Pitch Deck  •  Ad Campaign Copy  •  Web Copy  •  Sponsored Articles  

Past Clients


Field Trip  |  Sweet & Kind  |  VitroLabs 
12x3 Boxing  |  FNDR  |  Treehouse  |  Manual  The Upright Hotel  |  SLMD |  Coral  |  Junes  PepTalk  | Stimulated Inc 

Consulting & Advertising

Apple  |  Netflix  |  Visa  |  Intel  |  Slack  |  Airbnb  Ikea  |  Toyota   |  Twitter  |  Guinness  |  Miller Lite  |  Salesforce  |  Ray-ban  |  Microsoft 
HSBC  |  Quickbooks  |  Old Navy  |  Target American Express  |  Kraft  |  Burger King  

Some Kind Words

"We would be lost without them. It would be a sea of good intentions with no direction."

Danni Simon | Founder of Field Trip Art Advisory


Case studies available on request.


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