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Words from the Wise

The Challenge:

This virtual motivation platform is creating a serious shift in the way we grow, learn and connect with real-life coaches. Instead of fighting crowds at SXSW or catching an athlete on the sidelines, suddenly we have personal access to the people who can inspire us the most. Everyone knows experience is the ultimate teacher. So how do you depict that now, in fifteen minutes or less, other people’s experience can become the exact answers you need?

The Change:

Brand designs and messaging were developed to emulate that buzz you get immediately after a chat with a mentor. That triple espresso of motivation, education and clarity, accessible with every single Peptalk. 

Our Role:
Visual Identity
Web Design
Brand Voice
Brand Playbook
Social Toolkit


“Third Date defined our position in the market and articulated it in such a way, that it not only enabled us to talk about ourselves with confidence, but it became a guiding principle to the way we did business.”

- Lloyd Salmons, Cofounder of Peptalk
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