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The world has big problems. KiwiCo decided to start small. 

The Challenge:

KiwiCo offers 1000+ STEAM-learning projects aimed to fuel creativity and innovation. And they’re out to create a brand anthem campaign to demonstrate the core Kiwi belief: That by learning the skills to problem-solve, kids can truly change the world tomorrow. 

The Change:

There's a reason only kids seem to be making any headway in solving the problems we face today. (We see you Greta Thunberg!) That's because kids think bigger about their future than parents can even imagine. They have a tendency to think things are possible when grownups have long given up. 


So with this campaign, we handed over the mic to the small ones, letting them tell us just how big their plans truly are. A little pep talk to parents everywhere. And a moment for kids to remind us grownups the real power of small.


Our Role:
Campaign Concept
Creative Direction
Film Script
Production Oversight
Campaign Design
Campaign Messaging
Campaign Playbook
Social Media
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