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Hello Nature. We Can Help.

The Challenge:

Lab grown leather could make a profound impact on climate change, but only with mainstream acceptance. So how do you develop a consumer-facing brand that diffuses any hesitation around the new technology?


The Change:

You make the brand feel as natural, familiar and timeless as leather itself. Instead of pollution-based manufacturing and animal slaughter, VitroLabs works with nature to create real leather in a lab. With just one biopsy from a healthy, happy cow, their process helps those skin cells reproduce, infinitely on their own. That means animals can go on grazing in the fields, creating the first leather that’s truly in harmony with nature again. Messaging & designs reflect that return to nature through repetition, natural shapes, and roaming layouts. 


Our Role:
Material Name
Visual Identity
Web Design
Web Development
Brand Voice
Brand Playbook
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