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Field Trip Art Advisory

We Get Art, 
So You Don't Have To. 

The Challenge:

Field Trip is creating a radical shift in the way corporations, hotels and even shared living communities incorporate creativity into their space. An art consulting company that’s deeply rooted in supporting local work, with less reproduction and a whole lot more originals. A business that’s authentic, accessible and, simply put, less stuffy than the rest.

Art buying can be uber intimidating and ultimately prevent new clients from reaching out in the first place. So these founders needed a name and look that stood out in a world of snobbery, opening the door for new art enthusiasts to truly get involved. 

The Change:

Along with a fun new name, renderings and designs aimed to make you feel a welcomed part of the art scene. And messaging leaned on a friendly tone that always shoots it straight, even with tongues firmly in cheek. Together, with the Founders, we created a brand that serves as open invitation to find the kind of art that feels like it found you.


Our Role:
Visual Identity
Web Design
Web Development
Brand Voice 
Brand Playbook
Social Toolkit

“We would be lost without them. It would be a sea of good intentions with no direction.”

Danni Simon - Cofounder & Principal Art Advisor
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