Find Your Kind

The Challenge:

Treehouse is a new kind of co-living apartment, started in Los Angeles, that helps people find community and kindness right at home. But how do you get people excited about a co-living space, before the space, itself, is even built? 

The Change:

In partnership with the strategy-firm, FNDR, we decided to first advertise the ultimate vision of Treehouse, a kinder world. And to do that, we created the LA Kind Project: A celebration of kindness across Los Angeles.  People could nominate the LA Kind in their lives. Then, we collaborated with a fantastic artist, Bijou Karmen, to bring honor nominees through illustration. Posters and SWAG served to ignite pride in the city and build a tribe looking for a kinder way to live. And in the end, before the building’s foundation was even poured, we had laid the foundation for a community truly built on kindness. 

Our Role:

Campaign Concept

Campaign Visuals & Copy

Wild Postings

Out of Home

Campaign Website
Branded Apparel
Social Campaign

Treehouse Co-Living

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