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Knowledge is Pleasure

The Challenge:

When it comes to self-improvement, we go all in. We’re hacking our workouts, our nutrition, our sleep. But when it’s time to talk sex. we just feel like hacks, And what’s worse—we’re okay with this just-okay-sex. Somehow pleasure has become the only part of our lives we don’t explore, adapt & improve. But who said our sex has to be so stale?


The Change:

In partnership with the ever-talented Hema Patel, we developed a creative positioning to help people realize their complacency with their own sex lives. A gentle reminder that thriving sex life can be more than a fantasy. This wasn’t about getting lucky. It was about getting smart. 


So we created an ad campaign and brand messaging that encouraged users to take a deep dive into Coral’s science, stories, and tools for better sex life, all revealing the infinite possibilities in pleasure, confidence & intimacy. Most people know about the Big O. But we taught them to chase the Big C’s too: Creativity, Curiosity, and a whole new kind of Connection.

Our Role:
Brand Voice
Social Ad Concepts
Marketing Headlines
Marketing Copy
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