The Upright

Lay Down a Song Where You Lay Down Your Head

The Challenge:

This boutique hotel sits a whole fifteen-minute drive from Broadway, the walking center of Nashville’s Honky Tonk experience. So how could we attract a young crowd to a whole new area of town? And how could we do it in a way that tastefully honored Nashville’s music culture, without becoming another theme-park-pit-stop?

The Change:

We discovered Berry Hill has its own rich music history, with a secret hub of studios for the Nashville music scene. So to pay homage, we proposed the hotel’s creative concept: a 1950’s recording studio. (Taking cues from a golden time when rosy-eyed musicians packed a bag and headed to Nashville.) In addition to naming and the visual identity, we worked with the architect & interior designer to weave that recording studio vibe into every facet of the space. Of course, the property wouldn’t be complete without its own recording studio, available for all travelers—a radical concept in the high-dollar, country music industry.

Our Role:
Brand Positioning
Creative Concept
Visual Identity
Launch Website
Architect & Interior 
Design Briefs
Launch Marketing Ideas

“We would be lost without them. It would be a sea of good intentions with no direction.”

- Patrick Poole, Principle Project Manager

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