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The Challenge:

The hotel is a 15-minute drive from, Broadway, the center of Nashville’s Honky Tonk tourism experience. So how could we attract a young, millennial crowd to a new area and even potentially revitalize this neighborhood of Berry Hill? And how could we do it in a way that tastefully honored Nashville’s music culture, without becoming another theme-park-pit-stop?


The Change:

We discovered Berry Hill has its own rich music history, as a secret hub of studios for the Nashville recording industry. So to pay homage, we proposed the hotel’s creative concept: a 1950’s recording studio.

Our Role:
Brand Positioning
Creative Concept
Visual Identity
Launch Website
Vendor Briefs
Launch Marketing Ideas

“We would be lost without them. It would be a sea of good intentions with no direction.”

Danni Simon - Cofounder & Principal Art Advisor

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